On 31th of March 2014, Ema Keley has performed her Chinese song « 未来与希望同在 » for the visit of the First Lady of China, Peng Liyuan and the Queen of Belgium. This performance takes part of cultural exchanges between China and Belgium.

Ema Keley has worked on her new original tracks as a performer, composer and songwriter. New tracks represent Ema Keley’s personality through several music genres such as pop, dance and a touch of « fun » retro. A strong link with California and a multi-cultural approach give her inspiration for her EP « Remedy » recorded & mixed by Yannic Fonderie.

« Remedy« , « Wanna be a Star« , « A day without light » and « Leave it to the night » are available on iTunes and Amazon since June 2012.

Ema Keley met Jingxian Li who gives her the opportunity to perform « A day without light » in Chinese:


Belgian singer/songwriter, Ema Keley is an artist who is passionate about her songs and life. Having grown up in a tumultuous environment with a complexity of situations in her childhood that forced her perpetually to be strong in life, she always draw her strength from singing. Embracing a new genre dance/pop, Ema Keley has built her own music and combines stirring melodies with words of inspiration, hope, and sometimes sadness. In a voice both pensive and expressive that often hints at a semi-autobiographical past, Ema takes the listener on a road that is yet familiar to most of us.

More information about Ema Keley:

Belgian singer, composer and songwriter, Ema Keley is an independant artist. She was discovered in a TV show « Pour la gloire » at the age of 18 and signed a contract with CARSO. Meanwhile, she started studying Speech Therapy and got her diploma at the « Institut Libre Marie Haps ». Her talent and energy as a performer were rewarded with a contract with Universal Music, France (2003-2005). Her first full album, recorded in ICP studio in Brussels, came out under the stage name « Angélique Lahy », and it achieved success in the media (notably on Chérie FM / France Bleu / BEL RTL / Nostalgie) and she reached the top 20 of the Ultratop during 5 weeks in July 2005.

After a year working as speech therapist, specialized in Voice, in a Medical Center in Brussels, Ema decided to produce her music and worked with Sam Willcox / Patrick Hamilton / Guy Balbaert / Vincent Pierens on original tracks in English (for the EP « Heaven tell her why »).
In 2009, through a casting for “New Dance Revelation”, Ema Keley joined LF Management & Midlands artistic team/Digital Label (2009-2011/01).
Then Ema has released an EP, “Heaven tell her why” in 2009. EP 4 tracks released on:

I Tunes,, and
N°1 on Airtist, Airplays on US, UK & French radios
Artist of the week on Rockin’u radio (US)
> 40.000 airplay counts on US web-radios
> 300.000 hits on myspace (in 4 months)